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Bento 11-08-08 by Akki14 Bento 11-08-08 by Akki14
I bought some cute food picks from Japan Centre so I was inspired to use (mostly) our homegrown food in a bento.
The carrot flowers I finally figured out how to do. I had the correct tool for it too - the oxo good grips lemon zester has the little holes for zesting lemons and it also has a thing that is suppose to take a small channel out of the lemon so you can have long strips of zest. I just did that to the length of the (allotment-grown)carrot before cutting.

I found the tomato & cheese on picks idea from but, um, okay I've learned that mature cheddar cheese does not like being poked with pointy things. It just crumbles mostly. I de-seeded and patted the tomato dry with kitchen towel so it doesn't get too soggy.

The weird looking mess in the cup is a random stirfried mix of bacon, shallot and carrot in BBQ sauce.

Looking at the picture now, I think I should have gone for different coloured picks... would have been more interesting and colourful with the green turtles or purple penguins. Still, it's a healthier combination than usual (more vegetables in there than I normally do).
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September 3, 2008
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